If you have any queries, please contact Olivia Gibney (details below) 


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Programme Secretary:
Molly Newton
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Membership Secretary:
Olivia Gibney
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Visits Secretary:
Hilary Walker
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Committee Member:
Pat Howell
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Committee Member:
Fiona Ryan-Watson
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Our current programme of 10 lectures began in September 2022 and ends in June 2023.  The price per lecture for non-members is £10.


Chorleywood Fine Arts Data Protection Policy Statement

Chorleywood Fine Arts (CFA) is required to comply with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and make clear to you what personal data we hold relating to you and how long we will retain it.

What personal data do we hold and why?


CFA holds personal data on computer which includes your name, address, email address, telephone number, group membership and subscription payment details (no bank account information). This is the minimum information we require to run the organisation and keep you informed of its activities.

Who holds this information?


The information is held on computer by the Membership Secretary with a back‐up copy held by the committee member charged with data protection responsibilities.

How long will the data be held?


The data will be held indefinitely while you are a member of CFA, and for seven (7) years after you leave. The reason for the seven-year delay in deleting your data is that this is the period we are required to maintain financial records by HMRC.

What use is made of the data?


The data is used to run CFA and keep its members informed of events, the benefits of being a member and planning of future events.

We require your name, address, telephone number and email address (if you have one) in order to be able to contact you and keep you informed of events, planned educational visits and information relating to group activities. Should you decide that you do not wish us to hold this information, it will not be possible to become or remain a member of Chorleywood Fine Arts.

As part of your subscription to CFA you are entitled to a copy of The Arts Society’s quarterly magazine. Members’ details will be passed to The Arts Society to enable inclusion on the mailing of this quarterly magazine and other communications including information about any upcoming national events or items of legitimate interest. Members’ details may also be passed to The Arts Society Area, or other affiliated societies for the purposes of disseminating relevant information of legitimate interest.

Who else has access to the data?


The CFA’s committee members, where it is required to carry out their duties. CFA will not supply any of your personal data to any other organisation except as listed above.

How do I update the information held by CFA?


You may update your personal information at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary by email or letter:

Olivia Gibney, Flat 6 Globe House, 25-27 Lower Road, Chorleywood, Herts WD3 5LQ.

This is essential should you change your postal or email address or your telephone contact number.

How do I check my data held by CFA?


You are entitled to inspect your personal data held by CFA and request correction if it is inaccurate free of any charge. To do so please contact the Membership Secretary (contact details above) with your request. A printout of your personal data will be provided within 14 days. Any amendments can be requested via the Membership Secretary and will be acknowledged as soon as the update is completed.

How do I request my data is removed from the database?


You may contact the Membership Secretary (contact details above) and request removal at any time. You will then be removed from the main database but your details will be retained in a separate database, for financial and statutory reasons, for up to seven years. Your membership will cease with immediate effect.

Finally …


If you are not satisfied with how we collect, treat or process your personal data, or if you believe your data has been lost or disclosed to a third party without your permission, you should initially contact the Membership Secretary (contact details above) who will then raise your concerns with the full Committee. If you are still not satisfied with their response, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office for the UK (online: or tel: 0303 123 1113). 

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